Dublin here we come!

Monday 22 May, 2017

Up bright and early and packed for our trip to Dublin, we discussed the best mode of transport from Ennis to Dublin. Bus Eirean was ruled out as we would have had to travel via Tipperary with a change that involved walking quite some distance to connect with the second bus to get to Dublin. The Irish rail would have meant a change at a station  along the way and lots of steps which is not appealing where luggage is concerned.

We decided on the green bus, so named because of its colour. The actual name is Dublin coach. We boarded the bus in Ennis and its route involved about 5 stops and arrived right in the heart of Dublin.

We had no trouble hailing a taxi at our drop off point and, as I have found on many occasions, the driver was cheerful and only too happy to step out of the cab and load our luggage in the boot. Along the way Brendan our driver had us in fits of laughter with the humour that seems to be typical of a Dublin taxi driver. He had no trouble finding our accommodation,  Portobello B&B, as our hostess Eileen had given us such clear instructions to tell the driver.

On our arrival Eileen greeted us and our baggage was delivered to our room in a matter of minutes. I love staying at B&Bs in Ireland as the owners are always friendly and helpful. The Irish Breakfast is usually delicious as well.

A quiet night is in store because tomorrow we plan to spend time conducting  research in the National Archives and Registry of Deeds. I have two very interesting probated Wills to check out and will let you know the outcome.

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