Ireland here we come!

Sunday 14 May, 2017

I couldn’t sleep with the excitement of knowing that today was the day we flew from Heathrow to Shannon.

So, I was up very early because I especially wanted to send my Mum a “Happy Mothers Day” message and as Murphy’s Law would have it – the Computer crashed!

It took for the Blog Master Barry to sort it all out. Finally the warm wishes were sent. I hope you had a wonderful day Mum and look forward to catching up with you when I get home.

Our BMW transfer arrived right on time to collect us from our Radisson Blu Hotel. Good bye London we have thoroughly enjoyed our stay and we will be back.

Heathrow Airport was as busy as ever and with the relatively new Jubilee Terminal it takes twice as long to get through Customs and Security. Mind you, I would like to employ the mature lady who unpacked from three and then repacked my liquids into one plastic bag. She would make an amazing cleaner.

Click on map to enlarge

We flew Aer Lingus from London to Shannon and to be honest, the only friendly staff member was the ground attendant at check in. The Flight Attendants practically ignored the passengers and I did not see them smile once! They were very lacking in service and friendliness.

I sat beside two really nice people. Noel was a Flight Engineer and Elizabeth was a lovely American who was in Ireland on business. She had flown the long way around and had a long delay due to a Snow Storm in USA.

Lush green and just as beautiful, Ireland is so picturesque. When we landed, the weather was cool but sunny. Whilst I waited for our bus to arrive,  I changed some currency and was served by a lovely young man who assured me that my bus fare from Shannon Airport to Nenagh via Limmerick would not break the bank. He was right, it cost just 29.20 Euros return.

Abbey court Hotel
Abbey court Hotel

Our Abbey Court Hotel is just lovely. We have a knight in shining armour behind a grate on the lower floor. The Chandelier is just amazing and the grounds are beautiful. As we got in quite late, I have not taken photos yet but will do so and post them tomorrow.

I did take some photos out of the bus window along the route from Shannon Airport to Nenagh to show you just how pretty Ireland is.

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