Ennis and Galway – a day to relax

Saturday 20 May, 2017

After all the excitement and activity of the last week it has been so nice to relax today. Sue’s dear friends Dr.John and Joanne Boyle and their lovely family have made us so very welcome here in their beautiful country home.

We spent the morning taking a look around the pretty village of Ennis which is a hive of activity at present.

It is Holy Communion season and all the children are excited about participating in this historical ceremony and receiving the holy sacrament. It brings back fond memories of my First Holy Communion. Mind you, we didn’t have Bouncy Castles which I believe are a feature of the after ceremony entertainment these days.

I have always associated Gin with being an English Alcoholic beverage. I was surprised to find that there is a growing boutique market in the making of Gin in Ireland. Sue and  I had a giggle about the naming of one such Gin as we looked in the bottle shop window. ”Gun Powder Gin?”, quipped Sue, ”Now that would blow your head off”!

This afternoon we drove to Galway and walked around the pretty centre of town. I was delighted to be able to visit the Thomas Dillon Jewellery shop and thank them for their kindness during the time my Grandson was so gravely ill and to be able to thank them for lighting a green candle for him.

As the lady I spoke to remarked “the green candle is very powerful” and I believe she is correct.

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