Goodbye Enniscorthy, hello Copenhagen


Comfort Hotel Vesterbro – Copenhagen

Wednesday 31 May, 2017

I felt really sad as I was watching the scenery wiz by on my Wexford Bus journey from Enniscorthy to Dublin Airport. I have been made feel so welcome by the lovely Irish people that I have met. I will miss you all.

However Dublin Airport, like all international airports is a nightmare. By the time I had lugged my baggage from Terminal 2 where the bus dropped us to terminal 1, I couldn’t wait to check in my heavy baggage, relax in the gate lounge for a while, board the plane and be on my way to Denmark.

I got chatting with an American lady whilst sitting in gate lounge 106 and she was telling me all about the house swap she had just arranged with a couple from Denmark who will live in her house in Florida for 3 weeks while she and her husband  live in the Danish couple’s house. They will each look after the other couple’s garden and pets. She said they had done this before and felt quite comfortable leaving their house, car, garden and pets to fellow house swapers to look after.

She asked about my holiday and was very interested to hear all about my genealogy research. She said that she had tried to research her family but had little success. It seems that her parents left Germany in the early stages of World War 2 but would never speak about the reasons why or talk about their life in Germany. I gave her some research tips and hope she has success.

Landing in Copenhagen I found the temperature a lot cooler than it has been in Ireland. The sun was weakly shining but it was windy and cool.

I had decided to activate the Copenhagen Card that I purchased on line at the Airport so that I could take the train into Copenhagen. Not as simple as you might think! All the signs are in Danish. I couldn’t see directions for which direction the train would travel. I exchanged some euro at the airport for dkk but have not got a handle on what the exchange rate is yet. I think it might be about 6-1

The only English voices I can hear are Americans as it seems that most people speak Danish. I am on a sharp learning curve.

Tonight I will have a quiet night watching the only English speaking Channel with subtitles on T.V but tomorrow will be a whole new adventure. Stay tuned!


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