Portumna Workhouse and Portumna Castle visit

Clans and Surnames Conference Nenagh, Tipperary.

Wednesday May 17, 2017

We started the day with a Round table discussion.



Tony Browne was very knowledgeable on the subject of Limerick Surnames. He had us all laughing with some of his stories about tracing family names.


Civil Parishes and Death Registration sources was discussed at length with John Nangle and Dr. Paul Mac Cotter. John had been the expert who accompanied me to the Registry of Deeds in Dublin in 2015 when I found a primary document of one of my ancestors. Continue reading “Portumna Workhouse and Portumna Castle visit”

Finding my ancestors

Tuesday 16 May, 2017

Clans and Surnames Conference, Nenagh, Tipperary, Ireland

Today four of my favourite experts will deliver Conference papers.

DonovanBrian Donovan of find my past will tell us how to find your Convicts and Criminals in family history Research.

Fiona-FitzsimonsFiona Fitzsimons will explain the Irish Registery of Deeds, one I found to be a very helpful repository in Dublin. Continue reading “Finding my ancestors”

Clans and Surnames – the Conference

Monday May 15, 2017


Clans and Surnames: Irish Family Research Conference begins in earnest today. I awoke very early and very excited because finally after traveling 12,000ks, for 6 days from Australia to Ireland with 2 very enjoyable stop-overs along the way, the day has finally arrived to learn more about how to research Irish family history and we are raring to go! Continue reading “Clans and Surnames – the Conference”

Ireland here we come!

Sunday 14 May, 2017

I couldn’t sleep with the excitement of knowing that today was the day we flew from Heathrow to Shannon.

So, I was up very early because I especially wanted to send my Mum a “Happy Mothers Day” message and as Murphy’s Law would have it – the Computer crashed!

It took for the Blog Master Barry to sort it all out. Finally the warm wishes were sent. I hope you had a wonderful day Mum and look forward to catching up with you when I get home.

Our BMW transfer arrived right on time to collect us from our Radisson Blu Hotel. Good bye London we have thoroughly enjoyed our stay and we will be back.

Continue reading “Ireland here we come!”

Taking tea at Raffles

Staying in Singapore these last two days has been very absolutely wonderful.

We have participated in two very different but interesting tours. The Explore Singapore city tour yesterday and the Footsteps of Raffles tour today.

We started the tour at the Raffles Landing Site where in 1819 Sir Stamford Raffles alighted from the vessel that he was sailing aboard along the river. He recognized its potential for becoming a vital trading Center for the Far East.

Continue reading “Taking tea at Raffles”

Time to fly!

Tuesday 9 May, 2017

Last minute packing and arrangements took up most of the morning. Two dear friends phoned to wish me well and by 12.30 we were on our way. I received a couple of lovely Bon voyage emails as well.

We drove into Proserpine where Sue was waiting for us to collect her and then on to Proserpine Airport. What a smooth check-in!

I wish all Airports were as efficient as the Whitsunday Coast Airport. Not only are the staff friendly and efficient, they check in the baggage, tag it, and send it down the baggage shoot. This takes all of about 3 minutes. They even managed to book the baggage  through to Singapore which saved us having to collect it at the Brisbane Domestic terminal, lug it across the road and up an escalator before purchasing a train ticket to the International terminal where we would have had to sit with our baggage (ensuring that we never left our baggage unattended) whilst we waited for about 4 hours before checking it in.

We were also allocated seating for both the Proserpine to Brisbane and Brisbane to Singapore legs and given our boarding passes. Continue reading “Time to fly!”

Preparations continue for the High Tea

William emailed the photos of the Roche room so that I could see the layout prior to setting up for the High Tea.


WildflowerWildflower Café  

Afternoon Tea Menu

Smoked salmon with cream cheese and chive on Wildflower’s homemade brown bread

Egg mayonnaise and cress finger sandwiches

Maple roast ham and wholegrain mustard finger sandwiches

Braised beef and horse radish finger sandwiches

Vintage wexford cheddar and wildflower chutney finger sandwiches

Selection of our homemade desserts

Lemon drizzle cake

Wildflowers stout brack

Mini raspberry scones – homemade raspberry  jam and vanilla cream

Pear and frangi pan tart

Homemade chocolate brownie with baileys ganache Continue reading “Preparations continue for the High Tea”

Meeting the Mayor of the Whitsunday Regional Council, Cllr. Andrew Willcox.


Whitsunday Regional Council Mayor Andrew Willcox and Jennifer
Cyclone Debbie caused a great deal of damage to buildings, fences, sign posts but mainly to trees. So many are stripped bare and the mountainside, although slowly recovering resembles an area burnt out by bushfire. The clean-up continues and everywhere you look there are teams of tradies trucks and machinery parked outside properties in the throes of assessing or repairing damaged buildings. Continue reading “Meeting the Mayor of the Whitsunday Regional Council, Cllr. Andrew Willcox.”