Interesting discovery in Dublin and at the National Archives of Ireland

Tuesday 23 May, 2017

John Prendergast, my 5x Grandfather died intestate in 1833. In Windsor, Australia, shortly before his death, he distributed all of his possessions to his children. Why did he die without leaving a Will? Was it to save his family the expense of paying death taxes? Was it so that he could distribute his property in the way that he was assured that each beneficiary would receive what he wanted them to inherit? Or, as a United Irishman who was transported to Australia for his involvement in the 1798 Rebellion, had he memorialized a Will in Ireland prior to being arrested in 1799.  Was he afraid the authorities would tie his Australian Will to his Irish Will had he left one in Australia? Continue reading “Interesting discovery in Dublin and at the National Archives of Ireland”

Family day at Cusheen

Sunday 21 May, 2017

Today the weather turned very cold. It was overcast and quite miserable.

The Boyle family gathered for a Sunday roast at lunchtime and the lively banter made up for the cold and cloudy weather outside. Dr. John Boyle is a dab hand with the baking as is his clever son Thomas who bakes delicious cookies.

Later in the day we went for a family drive to Gort, a township quite close to here, just 15 minutes and the area that Sir Thomas Prendergast, 1st Baron was given for the role he played to prevent the murder of  William of Orange during the Jacobite conspiracy of 1696

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Conference papers and Certificate ceremony

Clans and Surnames Conference, Nenagh, Tipperary.

Friday 19 May, 2017

I awoke bright and early and very excited. Today is the day I deliver my Conference paper ‘The Quest to find Prendergast ancestry”

The day started with Dr. Michael C. Kean who has written a book from Laois (pronounced Leesh) to Kerry.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAkVAAAAJDM0MzYwMWJmLTQyNGEtNGEzMi04NWE2LTc0YmFiM2IxMWI2ZgDr. Penny Walters delivered a very interesting and heartfelt paper “Is adoption the Primal Wound”



This was followed by Jane Halloran-Ryan- Tyredagh Clunes – What we can learn from one family’s journey – From Country Clare to Connecticut. Continue reading “Conference papers and Certificate ceremony”

The importance of taking care of your family history

Clans and Surnames Conference, Nenagh, Tipperary Ireland

rachelLast year with the help of the lovely Rachel Spano, Senior Archivist of the State Library of Queensland, Australia, I was able to pass on techniques for Preservation, Conservation and Restoration at a Workshop that I conducted where Rachel Spano participated in an outreach skype session.

When I held the Workshop at the Whitsundays Regional Council Library in Cannonvale little did I realize that just 4 months later, Cyclone Debbie would cause catastrophic damage to the Whitsundays and demolish the Cannonvale Library and the Whitsunday Family History Library in Proserpine. Continue reading “The importance of taking care of your family history”

Portumna Workhouse and Portumna Castle visit

Clans and Surnames Conference Nenagh, Tipperary.

Wednesday May 17, 2017

We started the day with a Round table discussion.



Tony Browne was very knowledgeable on the subject of Limerick Surnames. He had us all laughing with some of his stories about tracing family names.


Civil Parishes and Death Registration sources was discussed at length with John Nangle and Dr. Paul Mac Cotter. John had been the expert who accompanied me to the Registry of Deeds in Dublin in 2015 when I found a primary document of one of my ancestors. Continue reading “Portumna Workhouse and Portumna Castle visit”

Finding my ancestors

Tuesday 16 May, 2017

Clans and Surnames Conference, Nenagh, Tipperary, Ireland

Today four of my favourite experts will deliver Conference papers.

DonovanBrian Donovan of find my past will tell us how to find your Convicts and Criminals in family history Research.

Fiona-FitzsimonsFiona Fitzsimons will explain the Irish Registery of Deeds, one I found to be a very helpful repository in Dublin. Continue reading “Finding my ancestors”

Clans and Surnames – the Conference

Monday May 15, 2017


Clans and Surnames: Irish Family Research Conference begins in earnest today. I awoke very early and very excited because finally after traveling 12,000ks, for 6 days from Australia to Ireland with 2 very enjoyable stop-overs along the way, the day has finally arrived to learn more about how to research Irish family history and we are raring to go! Continue reading “Clans and Surnames – the Conference”

Time to fly!

Tuesday 9 May, 2017

Last minute packing and arrangements took up most of the morning. Two dear friends phoned to wish me well and by 12.30 we were on our way. I received a couple of lovely Bon voyage emails as well.

We drove into Proserpine where Sue was waiting for us to collect her and then on to Proserpine Airport. What a smooth check-in!

I wish all Airports were as efficient as the Whitsunday Coast Airport. Not only are the staff friendly and efficient, they check in the baggage, tag it, and send it down the baggage shoot. This takes all of about 3 minutes. They even managed to book the baggage  through to Singapore which saved us having to collect it at the Brisbane Domestic terminal, lug it across the road and up an escalator before purchasing a train ticket to the International terminal where we would have had to sit with our baggage (ensuring that we never left our baggage unattended) whilst we waited for about 4 hours before checking it in.

We were also allocated seating for both the Proserpine to Brisbane and Brisbane to Singapore legs and given our boarding passes. Continue reading “Time to fly!”