Australian preparations for the High Tea to be held at Enniscorthy Castle with the team in Ireland.

Staging a High Tea at Enniscorthy Castle

Enniscorthy Castle


This is the way the Castle was set up during the time David Hasslacher and hid family lived here



When my daughter in law asked me “Who is co-ordinating the High Tea at Enniscorthy Castle”? I was able to tell her that although the event was taking place 15,838 kilometres away, I had a wonderful team on the ground in Enniscorthy helping me carry out my plan. I could not manage without any one of them.

When I came up with the idea of staging a High Tea as a way of saying Thank You to everyone involved in my Welcome Home Civic Ceremony in 2015 that was held at the Castle in Enniscorthy my Ancestor Philip de Prendergast built  in 1201, I crossed my fingers when I emailed Mary O’Higgins to ask her permission to host the High Tea in the Roche Drawing Room.

Mary O’Higgins

I was absolutely thrilled when Mary emailed to say that she would be delighted for me to hold the High Tea at Enniscorthy Castle. As Mary is the very efficient, helpful and friendly co-ordinator at Enniscorthy Castle, I know that everything will be well taken care of.

The always happy Cathy Keane, owner/operator of Heritage Tours Wexford is a wealth of knowledge and enthusiastically showed me around all the historical sites pertaining to the 1798 Rebellion and the role that Enniscorthy played in it. Cathy has offered to help in any way that she can. At present she is sourcing a round table and a Televison.

Cathy Keane

Maria Nolan, Reporter and Photographer at the Guardian Newspaper Enniscorthy  is a “wonderful networker and great supporter of events here at the Castle” according to Mary O’Higgins and a really lovely lady as well. Maria has helped me obtain the names and contact details of my intended guests.

Maria Nolan

Wildflower Café operator William Kinsella is only too happy to provide a delicious Afternoon Tea for my 20 guests. He and his team will set up and serve the delicious food on the day.

David Hasslacher whose family were the last to live in Enniscorthy is a true gentleman and has offered his help as well. On the day of the High Tea David will bring along former staff of the Castle and together they will lead a walking tour of the Castle and reminisce about the time they lived and worked at the Castle.

Eniscorthy (14)
Jennifer and David Hasslacher

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